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Website Specialist, Content Writer, and the CEO & Founder of Digital Ideaz

Writer at Heart, Technologist at Brain, and Intrepreneur by Choice.

To be a good content writer, excellent writing skills isn't sufficient! There must also be a joy of writing. It should come straight from the heart for writing something original, one of a kind, eye-catching, meaningful, and interesting.

Providing top content writing services to a client is not about writing complicated words or to show off the vocabulary. Simple language with politeness and warmth is enough to build a relationship with the reader.

Hi, I'm Ritesh Saxena, a senior Freelance Content Writer and SEO Specialist situated in India.
In the realm of providing content writing services, writing capability is not enough. What matters is to learn the essence of the subject and sincerely describe its values to users and potential users.SEO copywriting is about ranking high in search engines with a charming affect on the readers. SEO is the most misjudged sphere on the web. It is usually overlooked that people come first, before search tactics or search algorithm.

Born in Shahjahanpur, UP, India, Ritesh Saxena is an Electronics Engineer (B.E. Electronics) and a digital marketing entrepreneur. He is the founder of Digital Ideaz and DZann.

Ritesh didn’t develop these professional skills instantly. It hadn’t been a simple excursion either. He grew up in a white collar class family however encircled himself around compelling individuals with positive vitality. This gave him an uplift in positive mindset to be an exceptional writer.


Being a web designer and developer himself, Ritesh undersatands the front end and backend aspects of a website quite well. He has a total experience of about 25 years in the field.

Falling into the category of Digital Merketing Services, SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM can't be explained in a few lines of text. Have a no obligation discussion with Ritesh on +91-8383994087 if you wish to.

Google Analytics is a free web examination tool that permits you to investigate top to bottom insight regarding the clickers of your website. Most well known advanced data analyzing arrangement.

An unpredictable, ever-changing framework used by Google to return a piece of information from its search query. The web crawler utilizes a mix of calculations to show pages positioned by importance.

More than just a fancy buzzword during the meetings, Digital Marketing is really the most far-reaching and the cheapest way of advertising so far.

Heard a ton about PPC? It represents Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns in which the publicists pay cash to Google (or a comparative PPC supplier) each time one of their advertisement link is clicked.

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